From Counter Cultures, on display now in Chaffey College’s CAA Student Gallery. 

Click here for photos from the opening reception:


Counter Culture: Subgroup of the larger population whose values and norms of behavior differ from the mainstream. 

Send in your photos/ fiction/ non-fiction/ poetry/ drawings that highlight a life lived outside of the confines of acceptable behavior and expected norms. All submissions will be reviewed. 

-The Chaffey Review


(Flyer design by Behvse)
The Chaffey Review proudly presents
Counter Cultures: Challenging the Status Quo
One of these artists has had an abortion.
One of these artists is homeless.
One of these artists has committed a felony.
One of these artists has been convicted.
One of these artists was born to drug-addicted parents.
One of these artists is raising a kid who isn’t his.
One of these artists doesn’t identify as straight.
One of these artists is currently on probation. 
One of these artists lives in an office.
Most of these artists have risked their freedom for their art.  
One of the most pivotal aspects of viewing art is looking deeper than what is offered. These artists are a living documentation of escapism, capturing people and places not intended to be seen. This work is the product of hours, months and years focused on everything but the tasks mainstream society deems acceptable.
The focus of this show is not only the art, but the social challenges the artists have transcended to give them inspiration and ambition.